A cost hasn’t been revealed for the more efficacious, longer-line xDrive50 archetype, but it’s likely to shrink from around £100,000 when it goes on market. It uses a 100kWh (net) battery budget mounted under the put a floor on of the car, while the four-move on wheels-impel motor a whole has a greatest output of 500bhp. The 0-62mph sprint takes less than five seconds, source from justcars.
BMW specs claims a line of 373 miles on a replete battery according to WLTP, eclipsing the 360 miles that Tesla claims for the Archetype X Lengthy Line.
In etc add, fleet-charging extent of room or space is increased to 200kW, so while the xDrive50 has a larger battery than the xDrive40, it can also reform a 10-80 per cent burden in around 40 minutes when plugged in to a chargepoint open of that output.