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“High-quality education and child care, trusted by parents and organizations around the world, made to fit the way people learn, live, and work today.”

About the company

  • Genius Insider is an authorised Business partner with Bada Business for their Nepal Venture. You can contact us for any collaborative opportunity with Dr Vivek Bindra and Team.
  • Bada Business is an Initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is a Motivational Speaker and a Renowned Business Coach.
  • Bada Business provides Extensive Knowledge of the Different Business Strategies and Frameworks, which will Help Indian SMEs, to Do Big Business or Become Bada Business.
  • Bada Business allows the user to learn ‘Everything About Entrepreneurship’, which is the World’s Most Affordable Entrepreneurship Program
  • Bada Business is a One Stop Solution for all your Business Problems in the field of HR, Marketing, Sales, Technology, etc.
  • Bada Business provides a Lifetime Opportunity to learn from Billionaire Trainers like Mr. Mohandas Pai, Mr. Manu Jain, Mr. R.C. Bhargava and many more like them.
  • With Bada Business, we try to Make Entrepreneurship & Management Education Available, Accessible and Affordable to Everyone.



Bada Business

Bada Business Nepal is an Initiative by Dr. Vivek Bindra, who is a Motivational Speaker and a Renowned Business Coach. It allows the user to learn ‘Everything About Entrepreneurship’


Business Consultancy​

We provide customised consulting services for a wide range of enterprises and business scenarios. We provide advice on both organisational and structural changes inside a company, as well as specialised financial and risk management topics.


Personal mentorship​

Mentoring is a two-person relationship with the purpose of professional and personal growth. The “mentor” is generally a more experienced person who offers his or her expertise, experience, and advice with the “mentee.”


I am proud of being in Genius Insider… Mind Blowing experience working with them.
Deepesh Mishra
Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value, I am proud of being in Bada Genius Insider…
Dr. Rahul Sarawagi
What a cool experience with CP of Nepal. Dr. Vivek Bindra sir has chosen really eligible personalities to be the part of their team in Nepal.
Himalaya Joshi

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